this list idea originally inspired by wesbos. if you wanna sea all configuration files check my dotfiles repo.

👷‍♂️ To build this site

⚙️ Development environment

  • Manjaro distribution as my main OS + i3wm version.
  • Vim: is my main Editor for almost every thing using some cool plugins, e.g: NERDTree, Coc.vim …
  • I’m also still using VScode to fix git conflicts beacasue my brain not smart enough to fix conflicts without GUI.
  • Most of my programmes are Suckless so I’m using St terminal with zsh + oh-my-zsh shell.
  • Tmux really helps me to me fouce on only one opned terminal.
  • Dracula theme for my editor & vim-airline.

🥞 Tech Stack

👨‍💻 Apps

  • Brave for better & secure browsing for the internet.
  • Vifm is a vim based File manager.
  • Sxiv Image Viewer.
  • zathura PDF Reader.
  • castero terminal bodcast client.
  • pyradio Terminal Radio client.

🖥️ Hardware